Born in Janesville, Wisconsin, Joy’s childhood was filled as much with sketchpads and paints as it was with tree climbing and bike riding.  Art and nature were early loves that have never faded.  The wonder of camping and backpacking trips, and the ability to travel as a young woman, have reaffirmed her love of nature and her human connection to it.

Joy is a self-taught and self-represented artist living just outside of Austin in Buda, Texas. She’s painting every chance she gets, whether in solitude or with a gathering of friends. Her pieces range from the surreal to the serene, from the fantastical to the abstract, and are bursting with color and texture. In her work, you will see lively energy as well as beautiful and serene calms that are patterned with shades of her own experiences.  Her art is most heavily influenced by nature, her family and music.
Joy has been creating art on a massive scale for over a decade, including giant, room-enhancing canvases and custom murals.  However, she does not limit her creativity to walls, as seen in many pieces of decorated usable furniture and even painted pregnancy belly casts.
Every one of her paintings is crafted with dedication to technique.  This dedication allows her to imply emotion and express thoughts through color and detailed patterns.  She incorporates many forms of innovative media, such as acrylic and oil paints, encaustics, paper-mache, metal and fibers. She takes the time to work with these media until she has expressed the idea she set out to create.  It is clear to any onlooker that Joy Bliss’s art has a unique and clear value to the time she took to master her fantastical idea. Her work always calls forth a second look and endless more to discover each and every detail that makes the image complete!